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For a better tomorrow

Sustainability > Quality Management

SENDAN promotes a strong Quality culture within the organization. We firmly believe that Customer
Satisfaction is our key to sustain our growth and that Quality serves a crucial role in ensuring such
satisfaction. To align our Quality practices with world class standards, we have adopted the use of
Quality Management System certified under ISO 9001:2008 by SGS. At Sendan, we use our ISO
certification not only for documentation but for the transformation of the company.

Corporate Performance Management

At Sendan, Quality is integrated into our strategy. Business units have their annual strategic business plans which are enabled by Operational Plans from the Support Units. These plans are reviewed periodically by Top Management through its Corporate Performance Management process. We also adopted the use of Balanced Scorecard across all functions and integrated it to our Quality Management System.

Continual Improvement

We continually improve our organizational processes through regular monitoring, quality audit, measurement and analysis of results against targets and by introducing various improvement initiatives. Each Department Head at Sendan is required to develop and implement a Continual Improvement Plan. We have Operational Efficiency Committee composed of select members of Management team who champions, keeps track, and reviews such improvement initiatives.

Employee Training and Involvement

Quality is everyone's business at Sendan. We regularly conduct training and educational programs to enhance the knowledge of our managers and employees on various Quality-related best practices and standards. Our Suggestion System enables the employees to get actively involved in continually improving our processes.