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Heat Transfer Solutions

A package of solutions and services
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Heat Transfer Solutions
  • I would like to thank Sendan International for their quick response in regard to the delivery of the material, documents and installation at RC corridor that resulted in meeting the project premises.

    Said Bager Al-Muhaimeed
    Project Manager, SADAF
  • I take the opportunity to thank and appreciate each and everyone who have contributed to make successful completion of the Recovered Water Line Project safely and ahead of schedule! Please keep it up.

    Zahrani Mohammed
    President, SADAF
  • After completing the Ar-Razi V Revamp Project with SENDAN, our confidence as MHI on SENDAN has been enhanced, and we are looking forward to have more close business relations with SENDAN in future.

    Katsuyuki Morinaga
  • Sendan worked professionally to execute the entire job with safety and quality. The role of Execution, HSE and QAQC teams has been outstanding.

    Ahwad Al-Ghamdi
  • Excellent performance and Safe execution of 3EG, OLF and 2EG TAM

    Mohammed Al Sulami
    Sharq (SABIC)
  • Overall performance by SENDAN in executing EG1 and EG2 TA projects is highly appreciated by SPJ team at UNITED.

    Mohammed Ahmed Maniyar
    United (SABIC)
  • On behalf of the IBNZAHR project team we would like to express our thanks  to all SENDAN team for their great demonstrated job in the assigned tasks and completing the project as per required target and contract scope for the subject project.

    Ali Hassan Al-Suwaiyel
    Saudi European Petrochemical Company

SENDAN has a strategic partnership with Serck Services International (Unipart Group), Serck are one of the largest automotive, industrial and marine heat transfer companies in the world. Their operations range from the design, engineering, fabrication/production of automotive radiators through to the testing, servicing, re-tubing and complete manufacture of industrial and marine heat exchangers. Serck in collaboration with SENDAN International Company Limited shall be offering whole range of products & services with complete life cycle management in the Saudi market.

Below is the range of products:

Heat Exchangers (Shell & Tube)
Air Fin Coolers
Gas Coolers
Pig Launchers & Receivers
Compressed Air Receivers
Pressure Vessels

Here is range of services we can offer:

Re-Tubing, Refurbishing, Minor Repairs, Cleaning & Testing of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Air Fin Coolers, Condensers & Gas Coolers
Re-Tubing of Desalination Plant Condenser Stages & HP/LP Coolers
Modification, Repair & Alteration of ASME ‘U’ , ‘U2’ Stamped Vessels & Exchangers Following National Board ASME ‘R’ Stamp
Plate Heat Exchangers, Full Refurbishment Including Gasket Supply
U.H.P. Water & Chemical Cleaning
Specialized Heat Transfer Coatings
Shut Down Project Management
Specialist Tube Supply & Logistical Support