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What We Do

Building and servicing industries
that support economic growth

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Customer Focus

We deliver what we promise.

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A core belief.
A shared practice.

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A key driver of our
long term growth

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We take pride in our

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We provide ample.
opportunities for growth.

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Synergy that fuels
excellence in us

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Enabling our people and
business to grow together

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We care for the environment.
It's our world, our responsibility.


Doing Business With Us

You want a reliable partner?
You can count on us.

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What's Latest

  • “SENDAN Sports Fiestas – 2018”

    SENDAN would like to bring all our family members together to understand each other; to build relationship and friendship more by organizing “SENDAN SPORTS FIESTAS”. SENDAN need you and your positive support to make this event successful. All SENDAN employees are requested to provide players list from your respective departments to take this initiative further. Please use following link to provide nominations. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=GxDyAS47Y0WxFCB91f_ADGd-TSeoEypKraWwP7GfRpxUM0RNUDVLOE80N0RRWUc4U0VZVktYUUZLVS4u Let us Come Together, Play Together and Enjoy Together to maximize our efforts and efficiencies………………………… [..]

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  • رمضان كريم

    Welcome the month of Ramadan with the heart filled with peace, harmony and joy. May the divine blessings of ALLAH protect and guide us. [..]

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  • SENDAN Circulated 2nd HSE Newsletter

    As part of our enhanced communication struggles in HSE objectives and also to encourage participation in HSE events, the inaugural newsletter is published in May, 2018. This newsletter shall contain flashes of HSE achievements, award winners, messages and any other related issues. SENDAN employees are encouraged to send in their contribution and feedback, so that we can publish in next edition. The newsletter shall also contain illustrative presentation, audit results, etc. The main objective of this newsletter is to serve as a communication catalyst in our improvement plan for HSE efforts. [..]

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  • SENDAN Awarded Offshore Job For Scaffolding Services From Dynamic Industries At Safaniyah (Saudi Aramco)

    Dynamic Industries, Inc (“Dynamic”) as an offshore services company, specializing in interconnecting pipe fabrication, associated pipe installation and commissioning and offshore maintenance services. SENDAN pleased to announce that we have been awarded an offshore job for Scaffolding Services from Dynamic Industries. It is a Teamwork efforts from the concerned departments. We wish all the best to the execution Team and request to extend their support to enhance business opportunities by maintaining the highest Quality, Safety and client satisfaction during execution. [..]

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